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Last year I went to my doctor because I felt really sick: shortness of breath, dizziness, hair falling out, low exercise endurance, pale skin and nails, sore tongue, frequent sinus infections and colds, fearfulness, muscle pains and cramps, and feeling cold even on very warm days. He ran every test under the sun and said my ferritin was too low at 10. He wanted me to get it up to at least 40 or 50. So, I started some liquid iron for easier absorption, and I slowly started to feel better. But it seems, every time I get my period, I take a step back.

Last months when I saw him, some of the symptoms were coming back, that was 4 days into my period. He checked me ferritin level; it was 17. Then he said that I should not have any symptoms with a level of 17 since it's better than the 10 I did have.

I'm so confused. First he tells me I needed to be between 40 and 50 to really feel better; now he says otherwise. My gyn told me that 17 is in the normal range so there is no problem. She wants me to go back to my Internist for more tests. But I'm so sick and tired of all the blood tests every three to four months, and all he can find wrong is a ferritin level in the teens.

Please help because I don't know what to believe anymore. :wave: :dizzy:

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