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Hi. You are certainly NOT being a "pest" by venting your concerns. :rolleyes: That's what we all do here!!!!!!!!
I just wanted to comment on your question as to whether some people are more "sensitive" to anemia than others. I'm guessing you are wondering if some people feel the "effects" more severely (or less) than others. I will tell you my experience and you can go from there. I was diagnosed with "bleeding angiodysplasias" in 2002 after suffering from anemia for over 2 years. I have a mixed connective tissue disease so I thought the anemia was stemming from that. But when my levels got very low (hematocrit - 21; hemoglobin - 5.2) I finally realized something else had to be going on. My gastroenterologist diagnosed the problem and has since sent me for 2 blood transfusions (bleeding angiodysplasias have an 80 percent chance of re-bleed but are never 'life-threatening'). My doctor expressed "amazement" that I was even able to get out of bed with my blood levels being that low. But other than shortness of breath and mild heart palpitations and fatigue, the severe anemia was not all that debilitating. Of course I have all my aches and pains due to autoimmune condition, so maybe I had just "toughened up" over the years!! Who knows? I was just making the point (for what it's worth) [COLOR=Sienna]undefined[/COLOR]that anemia like any condition affects everyone differently.
I wish you luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wave:

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