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Re: Ferritin levels
Sep 25, 2004
[b]Acquired autoimmune hemolytic anemia[/b] caused by [b][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=3]2-butoxyethanol[/SIZE][/COLOR]?[/b]

[b]See if you have blood in urine.

Compare your red blood cells with your own red blood cell counts prior to feeling fatigue.[/b]

[b]PS[/b] - Rapid heart rate, fatigue, chills, being pale or even jaundice color are also signs of hemolytic anemia; the hemolytic anemia caused by this chemical [b]should be suspect[/b] because you have the other odd symptoms accompanying: difficulty concentrating, other central nervous system affects (MS is a result for some ... 400 gulf war vets at least); you have joints aching ...

Now, Alicia, what were you doing when you felt this fatigue hit? This is the underlying harm that will be a constant regardless of which other symptoms you have ... What do you do for employment? Many times people can go back to the very day the fatigue hits and evaluating what you were doing then will help find the source of exposure to this chemical. Sometimes it is even second hand from someone else. What was going on at that time in your life?

[b]These are the other things that go with 2-butoxyethanol's harm[/b]

Symptoms of hemolytic anemia
Pale color
Shortness of breath
Rapid heart rate
Yellow skin color (jaundice)
Dark urine (indicative of blood in urine - never dismiss this! Stop exposure immediately!)
Enlarged spleen

AND, then it targets the kidneys and liver & all glands, and things that relate to endocrine system such as blood sugar, blood pressure.

This chemical also causes: Narcosis*
Damage to the kidney*
Damage to the liver*
Presents an abnormal blood picture showing: Erythropenia*
Presents an abnormal blood picture showing: Reticulocytosis*
Presents an abnormal blood picture showing: Granulocytosis*
Presents an abnormal blood picture showing: Leukocytosis*
Likely to Cause Fragility of Erythrocytes*
Likely to Cause Hematuria*

and there is
[bb]Central Nervous System damage[/b] showing up sometimes as:
Loose your temper easily?
Short term memory loss
Difficulty concentrating
Personality changes to 'grumpy' - Extreme Irritability
All-the-time Depression
Suicidal Tendencies
Difficulty sleeping

Skin damage, respiratory damage, reproductive damage, sometimes loss of taste and MORE

[i]I notice you comment in your post on thyroid that your right thyroid side is twice the size as the other. Swollen and enlarged glands are also part of what this chemical does: testes, heart chambers, gall bladder, liver, etc.[/i]

You often see these odd assortment of symptoms with Thyroid ailments, so in those cases, I say thyroid harm is secondary to this chemical poisoning, not the other way around. One post on this forum accredited them all to Lyme Disease.

Well, no matter how accurately the effects of this chemical can be evaluated, I doubt that you could ever go backwards to suspecting this chemical's harm.

I am not a medical person, however, I studied 2-butoxyethanol extensively for more than 2 years. I have spent in excess of 3,000 hours learning everything I could about it, beginning with the workers of the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup. Anyone 33 years and older today would be old enough to have worked on this. Did you?

This study led me to recognize the 'gulf war syndrome' as having the same symptoms of the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup workers. The Dept of Defense bought our worst chemical concoction, Corexit. That is 38% 2-butoxyethanol (plus some ethylene oxide). It distresses me that we are poisoning our own troops with a common cleaning and degreaser chemical.

Would you be willing to answer some questions relating to this ...
So we can see if this IS true for you? (Remember there are an odd assortment of symptoms, and not everyone gets everything, whew!)

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