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Ferritin levels
Sep 23, 2004
I am hoping someone has an answer for me or can direct me in a place to look. In a nut shell, I am a basket case just looking for the cause of my problems. About 4 years ago my PCP at the time tested my iron levels.

Serum Iron 129 (50-150)
Iron Binding 360 (250-450)
Serum Ferritin 24 (6-250)

She said my ferritin was low normal, but ok. I have been experiencing many symptoms since then. Fatigue, tremors, rapid heart rate, fogginess, muscle weakness, very sore joints, oh I can't think of the rest. I also have a multi nodular goiter of my thyroid and have a TSH level of 0.5 Just went in for more work ups on my thyroid.

I guess my question is could the serum iron and iron binding be normal and the ferritin be low, cause any of these problems or do the first two have to be out of whack as well?

I actually just went in for an MS evaluation because my symptoms are quite similar to that as well. MS specialist said he was 99% certain it was not MS (my MRI looked 100% normal).

I know this sounds a bit scatterbrained, but that's how I think these days....sorry.

If anyone has any input, I would love to hear it.
Thanks in advance!

by the way, if it matters, I am a 36 year old female. thanks again!


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