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[QUOTE=vespa31]:confused: I've had anemia on and off for around 3 years now. I eat meat 4 times a week as a main meal and daily in my lunch. I don't have heavy periods and have had all my insides check for bleeding (ulcers), chrones disease etc. The doctors can find no reason why I have anemia. Has anyone else had unexplained anemia. I now take iron tablets but shortly after I stop them I get anemia again. Anyone have any other reasons why people have unexplained anemia? The doctors can't answer it... can you?[/QUOTE]

Your anemia is not unexplained.
You appear to suffer from iron deficiency anemia, which can have a specific apparant cause, but certainly can appear without a direct physiological or nutritional cause. It's the most comon cause of anemia, so I wouldn't worry too much.

Eating meat makes no difference regarding the onset and treatment of iron deficiency anemia, though eating meat can prevent anemia in the pernicious (megaloblastic) anemia form, which is caused by a deficiency in cobalamin (Vitamin B12) for an extended period of time (at least 2 years). B12 is only found in meat, milk, poultry and eggs, yet is also available in the form of supplementation in daily food (breakfast cereals).

Even so, eating a lot of meat is no guarantee for adequate B12 levels as some people lack a stomach-born receptor call Intrinsic Factor, which is responsible for the absorption of the B12 by your liver and system. People undergoing stomach removal surgery (ex:. in order to lose weight) will have lost this I.F., and will need sub dermal B12 injections for the rest of their lives, bypassing their stomach's absorption system.
B12 has no direct relation to iron absorption, though it's never bad to take B12 preventively as it's non-toxic (up to 100,000 times the RDA is safe)

In order for you to restore the iron deficit in your system, you will have to follow a strict treatment program in the form of supplementation. Stopping with the supplements before the treatment is over will cause the anemia to resurface very quickly.
My suggestion for your problem is listed below.
(Without having recent blood work and your medical history present, I would have to recommend you ask your G.P. wether or not you are allowed to take iron supplements before following these guidelines. I'm guessing this is the case, as you've already being taking it.)

To make sure you absorb your Iron tablets correctly;
- Try to take them on an empty stomach (this can cause harmless discomfort)
- Do not drink milk or take antacids along with iron
- Take a small amount of vitamin C to help absorption (< 200% RDA)
- Avoid taking Aspirin as much as you safely can.

To effectively halt the anemia:
- Take the iron supplements you're using now for at least 8 months. After 2 months of iron therapy your hematocrit levels should have returned to normal, but another 6 (to 12) months are needed to restore your body's iron stores located in your bone marrow.

Doing all this is a guarantee that your anemia will go away.
Though it's still safe to have regular follow-ups done by your G.P. to monitor your body's reaction to the treatment.

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