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Re: Bmb???
Nov 4, 2004
Any infusion drugs carry with them the possibility of allergic reactions. The drug is going directly into your bloodstream. The iron is "different" only in the way it is being administered. There are many different types of iron and if you can not tolerate one you can often tolerate another. The first IV iron I got was Infed. Most reactions occur at the beginning of the infusion but I was 1/2 way thru when it hit--HARD. I was on Ferrlecit for three years without incident when I began reacting to that. The first 2 times I didn't recognize the reaction for what it was so by the next one I got taken out in a big way--trouble breathing, swelling, major drop in blood pressure and then loss of consciousness. The staff had meds on hand to pull me back out of it but it scared the crap out of everyone. If I'd just mentioned to the nurse as soon as I started feeling "funny" most of that could have been avoided.
The infusions do take a good while and the meds they give you to prevent reactions make you sleepy. They can often be run faster if you show no problems during the initial infusions. Infed is supposed to be a total dose infusion meaning it should replace your stores sufficiently in one infusion (until you deplete them again--usually several months later) Ferrlecit is given in once weekly infusions for 8 weeks to get iron levels up to normal. There is one other drug called Venofer which supposedly can be run faster (only 20 minutes as opposed to several hours) but I have not been given that one. With my track record I doubt it will be an option. Even though my iron level hovers around 3 I'm not currently anemic so I'm OK.

Do a search within this site for IV iron. You should gain access to previous posts of many who have gotten it. Most do just fine and it does work.

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