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[QUOTE=NOTSONUTSO]I am glad someone asked about iron infusion. My ferritin level is so low it no longer registers (it was 1.0 in Jan. and now it just says "less than 5.") Iron pills have not helped. I have had 2 blood transfusions in the past two years due to "bleeding angiodysplasias." I guess my gastro will refer to me to a hematologist when I see him. My hemoglobin is slowly going down again--its' about a 9. I'm wondering if there are any major health risks due to long-term iron deficiency????????????[/QUOTE]
Your hemoglobin is not dangerously low yet which means you are using any iron that you get from your diet still even if it is not enough. Total lack of iron absorption over a long period of time will lead to anemia which will lead to heart malfunction, kidney failure, and will throw metabolism off so that other enzymes and hormones will not function at their jobs either. It is a systematic collpase that will result in death if not treated properly. Most people get so ill early on that it never gets that far due to the body discomfort and becoming unconscious during fainting episodes from the irregular heart rate.

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