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[QUOTE=cjones15]Has anyone had iron give intravenously? My hematologist said if my iron levels don't come up in the next three weeks that I will have to have in intravenously. I was wondering how long each session took? Also, are there any side effects to it?


Hi, I am 53 yrs old and I had to have part of my stomach removed in 1995,1996, and 1997 because of bleeding ulcers..I had no idea I had anemia..I was working and this happened about 6 months after my last surgery..My hemg. fell to 6..I thought I had pick up a virus and couldn't get rid of it..I had almost no blood...I had a transfusion several times until the figured out, the Iron by mouth was not being obsorbed...Or the B12
So since Nov.1997 I go to the hospital cemo therapy room and they start an iv, it is pushed in after iv is started and I am out of their feeling so much better after about 30 min. Some doctors run it slower but it has worked well for me that way and I have had no problems..There is side effects but I have had NONE.. I started out doing this every 3 months then every month...They monitored my blood counts and my iron level but after a year, I have to go every other week...My email address is [ [b]please carefully review the posting rules - no emails[/b] ] Please let me know how you are doing...You are the first I have seen that has had to have this and I will have to have it for the rest of my life. NOW--I feel ok,,,when my iron gets low, my mouth gets raw...I know you are scared because I was horrified and I also know anytime I go in to get my iron I could have a terrible side effect but I trust God to know when it is time for me to come home and I know you will think I am crazy but I have done this so long, it is just part of life for me..I didn't work for a few yrs but for the last year I am working full time and I work as hard as anyone. We can't let this get us, we have to fight and yes I still have days where I am so tired but over all, this has saved my life..I cannot live with out Iron or B12 and I am very very thankful for it.. Let me know how you are...

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