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Most people I know don't know a lot about anemia or the side effects/symptoms of it all. I've been anemic for a few years - I've had all the tests done and they can't find a cause for my anemia either. My friends and family didn't seem to take too much notice (other than when I would go in to have another GI test done), but they finally realized that this was a little more than just taking iron pills when I finally saw a hematalogist and started IV iron. For whatever reason it seems just the fact that the iron is given through IV instead of supplements makes the whole situation seem more "serious" to them. In fact it isn't any more serious than it was before, it's just that I don't absorb the iron supplements so the IV's work better for me. They'll get my levels up for awhile and then when they start to go back down again I go in for another round of IVs.

You should talk with your doc about the IV option. If you read some of the other posts here you'll see that some people have had reactions to the IV iron. Personally I've never had a problem with them, but everyone's different so who knows. Good luck!

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