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I know exactly how you feel..I have been anemic since 1985, but no one ever attempted to find out what was causing the anemia...Now, 20 years later, I finally find out that I have pernicious anemia...NO ONE took it seriously recently until you could no longer see the whites of my eyes from the jaundice, and I couldn't get out of bed without hyperventilating from lack of oxygen...I am recovering now, but I still don't look WELL...I lost 35 pounds, and I am still losing...So when most people see me, they immediately ask what is wrong...(because of the weight loss)...and when I tell them Anemia, it is almost as if they don't believe me...Most people do not know how serious anemia can become if not monitored and taken care of...I am finally progressing enough that I don't have to have b12 every week...Once a month now...But I noticed this morning while making the bed, that I was breathing hard...

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