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Re: New to this
Dec 5, 2004
(Also: tablets under your tongue dont help that much, it too little)[/QUOTE]

Please do further research. Research HAS shown that daily sublingual doses DO get absorbed and often work better than the shots (since the shots aren't given often enough and are often the inferior form of B12-- cyanocobalamin). Many people are being helped by sublingual doses of methylcobalamin-- 1000-5000 (and more) mcg per day. It is very old school to think that only shots will help with B12 deficiency. The same way it's sad that low levels aren't taken seriously enough (in some countries, anything below 500 is considered low!) and that the serum level of B12 is still what docs mostly rely upon. If my serum level had accurately detected my B12 def. 6 years ago, I could've averted these last years of worsening symptoms! Methylmalonic acid and/or the Schilling test should be used. I had high levels of B12 in my blood but I had a high MCV and MCH. A few years later, I had the methylmalonic acid tested--which was high and indicated B12 def. I started on oral doses of B12 and finally the fatigue is lifting, the breathing is so much better (almost non-existent now).


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