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Re: Few questions
Nov 13, 2004

Iíve just been diagnosed with having anemia, thing is, Iíve suffered with it 3 times before, twice when I was pregnant and a third when I had pneumonia.

The problem this time is, as well as all the normal symptoms of tiredness, dizzy spells etc, Iím being very short tempered, I havenít got time for people like I used too, I seem to be feeling depressed.

Iím biting at the children over tiny things, Iím being a total ***** to my boyfriend and I feel so low in my self all the time.

When I get up in the morning, I donít want to get out of bed, I feel like I just canít face the day.

Just the other day I felt like I wanted to get away from everyone and everything familiar. I just donít know whatís going on.

Is this normal because Iíve never suffered with it like this before?

Also the Dr has prescribed Ferrous Sulphate for the duration of 6 months, is it really going to take me that long to get better?

Thanks for any input[/QUOTE]
Anemia can make you feel depressed. It will not take six months to feel better if the iron is getting absorbed properly. But make sure that you are taking vitamin C or getting vitamin C in some type of food such as citrus or the iron will not be utilized properly. Also if the depression does not lift after the iron has had a chance to work, then look to other hormones to have been knocked out of whack from the iron problem, such as thyroid etc.

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