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[QUOTE=Allieg1981]I was diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia around 18 months ago, everything is going well and i have B12 injections 4 times a year, however i am starting to feel tired again with tingling sensations in my fingers. I can't get appointment with doc for around 10 days but do you think these two things could be linked? Also i want to start trying for a baby, Does Pernicious Anemia affect my ability to get pregnant of carry the fetous?[/QUOTE]
Generally anemia does not affect one's ability to become pregnant. The infant will take the nutrients it needs from the mother, however, the ability of the mother to maintain good health will be compromised without adequate medical help. If your symptoms from the anemia are getting worse you would need to see the doctor for another evaluation. I have not personally heard of Pernicious Anemia being treated with injections only 4 times per year. The general treatment is usually monthly injections. But, there are many different ways to treat this disease I suppose.
Absolutly the tingling in your fingers is from PA. I am on monthly injections right now and it is not enough. I have just switched Docs and am about to go through more tests to determine why I have it. How often do you get your levels checked? I would suggest you get your numbers and get a second opinion. My doc I had just dismissed me and I am worried about the longterm effects on being low on B12. The fingers tingling usually mean that your spine is being attcked. I am not sure about the getting pregnant but I know it does affect your period so maybe you should get in touch with a gynocologist. Good luck.

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