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Hi-I have had AIHA since 1998. I felt just as you described in your first post. Thinking I was going to have a heart attack at 38. Unable to walk across the room. When I finally went in, the nurse said I looked anemic, the doctor ordered tests stat and found my hematacrit was 18. I was put on the prednisone at 80 mg and tapered down. It took 6 months to get completely off of it, once I got down to the 5 mgs, it was a little harder and I had to taper slower. I was fine afterward, my hematocrit stayed up around 36-39. This past June, I had bloodwork done and was very surprised to see my hematocrit was down to 29. I felt fine, but I started to notice little things like I had no color in my hands or nails. My eyelids and gums were grayish/pale.

I foolishly thought it was a one time thing...nope. it's something I need to have checked for the rest of my life. I'm at 5 mgs now, since Aug. and he said it may take a bit to get completely off, I told him if it meant I wouldn't relapse I'd be OK staying on it as a maintenece dose. My crit has been good, staying right at 39-40. We'll see. I go in again next week.

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