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The burning tongue and sore mouth is one of the many symptoms of pernicious anemia or B12 def. The difference between the 2 is that pernicious anemia is the lack of intrinsic factor in the gut that absorbs B12 and it is a life long series of injections to keep the level up, it bypasses the stomach and goes directly into the tissues. You can have a B12 def do to diet and it can be corrected by vitamins and diet, B12 def you still have the intrinsic factor but you don't eat enough foods with the b12, pernicious anemia you can eat all the foods high in B12 but it won't do you any good as your body can't absorb it. I have pernicious anemia and have been giving myself injections every 3 weeks now for 9 yrs.
[QUOTE=lavenderfields]? I had an appointment with my Dr. yesterday and she did blood work to check my vitamin B12 and folate. [/QUOTE]

Just be aware that the serum level of B12 is often misleading. I had high normal serum level back when my fatigue sent me to the doctor, but I had high MCV and MCH which is often indicative of B12 def. It wasn't until a few years later that I had the methylmalonic acid checked (urine, but I think it can also be tested in serum) which pointed out the B12 def. Unfortunately, I didn't also have more blood work, so I have no idea if the serum level had fallen over the years. Even so, the "low" for this country is set way low compared to some other countries......some recognize a B12 def. at under 550 pg/mL while in this country it's under 200! After you've had all your tests, and even if the doc says there's no deficiency, there's no harm then in doing a therapeutic trial of B12 supps. Make sure you look for methylcobalamin--which can help people in some instances who don't even have a B12 def, like with PN and pain, etc. It's the type of B12 that works in the nerves. I think def. in some other B vits can also cause mouth pain/problems--you'd want to take a B-complex to keep them from getting out of balance if you decide to try the B12. Also, sometimes methyl-B12 is more helpful than shots of cyanocobalamin or hydroxocobalamin because some people have trouble with conversion in the body to the usable types of, don't be upset if the doc won't give you shots! Sublingual dose of the right type IS utilized by the body. for dental issues and burning mouth--I know there is a folic acid mouth rinse called "folirinse".....don't know if that'd help or not. I use it as my folic acid supplement because only 1 drop is 5 mg.

Good luck.

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