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i hate to list whats bothering me but i'd really like to hear your opinions.

i'm 18 years old and petite (5'2" and skinny). i've never felt that great but recently it seems like my health is declining. i went to a free clinic (i don't have any insurance) and the doctor there told me not to worry about it that it was probably just stress. i had a cbc done and some things were lower or higher then normal but he said they weren't that bad and after a few days of rest i'd be fine. this was 3 weeks ago and i feel worse.

-i'm always cold, more like freezing, and no matter what i do i can't get warm. a lot of times i'm so cold my body hurts
-i get lightheaded a lot and i've actually fainted quite a few times this past month. if i'm not dizzy i get headaches or sometimes both
-i eat good size meals the regular 3 times a day but i keep losing weight. i've gone from 102 to 94 pounds in a period of 2 months. this wouldn't normally bother me but i've been eating more then usual to try and gain yet i still lose.
-i feel like i'm always exhausted. i feel so weak that sometimes i feel like my legs are gonna give out. i sleep as much as i can, but still i'm so tired.
-i can't seem to concentrate either. i have trouble remembering things and i get confused a lot. but this may be from me being tired all the time
-my friends tell me i look "sickly" in appearance and that i'm pale a lot

basically i just feel pretty bad. sometimes i get so dizzy i can't get out of bed. i had to drop out of college cause i felt too bad to get there and stay attentive in class. i did everything the doctor told me to do. i changed my diet, i slept more, i stopped working to reduce stress, but even still i wonder if maybe this is something more then stress.

my friends think maybe i might have some sort of anemia but the doc said i was fine. i'm wondering if i should go back to see another doctor. but i guess what i would like to kno is, does this sound like anemia to you?

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