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I've had anemia most of my life, but doctor's missed it til I almost died from blood loss. It may take a serious thing to get them to realize "Hey there's really something wrong here"

Since you don't have insurance you may be able to find vitamins at stores. I think they sell Iron OTC, but not sure. I'm as white as a wall from my Anemia. Especially after my c-section. I lost 30 pounds within 2 weeks of losing all that blood. Sometimes your anemia may affect you more and still have a decent iron count.

I get dizzy alot to, i've blacked out and it's no fun. Try buying iron fortified food and those pills if you can. I've been without insurance before. It's no fun at all. But you gotta worry about what you need even if you have to borrow money from friends to get what you need. I've been to free clinics before and they mean well, but it may be so busy and having to deal with worse things that they may miss something.

But I hope that you can figure out what's causing your problems. I know i'm glad I found out. Though I should of realized something was up when I donated blood and had to be watched for an hour because of the reaction!

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