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Re: Ferritin levels
Dec 29, 2004
There's little difference between ferritin levels of 1, 3 or 5. Ferritin is simply an indicator of a potential problem and a low value in and of itself should not cause symptoms. What causes problems is if you develop anemia as a result of prolonged periods of iron deficiency. I'm ALWAYS iron deficient BUT I'm not always anemic. There is a HUGE difference between iron deficiency anemia and iron deficiency. Many, many women are iron deficient usually as a result of their monthly cycles which can be draining (literally!) BUT, if you can continue to absorb enough iron thru your diet or supplements suggested by your doctor most of the time anemia can be avoided. Hope this info helps. There are generally a limited number of health issues that cause iron deficiency anemia and they are usually easy to pinpoint. I went thru all the tests and my problem seems to stem from a lack of proper absorption. I used to get IV iron to help with this but due to delevloping violent allergies to the drugs used this is no longer an option for me. I find that if I'm diligent about my diet and lead a healthy lifestyle (plenty of sleep, exercise, etc) I can usually keep my Hgl and Hct levels within range.

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