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[QUOTE=Tewfiddy]Thanks Marimac for your response and help. Just an update here. I have seen the dr again. My hemoglobin count is now 10.8, up from 10.6. My dr did not test the ferritin this time for some reason. He said he is still not happy with that, and he may end up sending me to a blood specialist. I get retested again in early march. In the meantime, I am seeing a gasterologist to persue some occasional rectal bleeding. And even before that, this coming wednessday, I am undergoing laproscopic surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. He is not sure what kind it is yet, and I did have my blood count checked so he knew where I stood before surgery. I do not know the results yet. Im wondering, If it is at least 10.8 like it was, with my ferritin previously 5, should I worry about needing a transfusion for this surgery? I am hoping that by removing the cyst, it may help my anemia somehow. My next stop is checking out the rectal bleeding. I am already on protonix for acid reflux, I dont think they would do an upper scope. Hopefully, by taking one thing at a time, I will eventually get better![/QUOTE]
Actually doctors do try to avoid transfusions because they can cause more problems than they fix. There should not be very much blood loss and the storage iron takes about 3 months to show a change which is why the doctor has not retested it. Your hemoglobin coming up some means that some iron has been added to your diet. That is good. But, those numbers are still relative measurement and should not cause a lot of worry unless there are other things going on as well. P.S. The diet coke thing: the caffiene can cause a lot of those symptoms, mostly when you are going through withdrawals. Although some people do have strong reactions to aspartame.

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