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[QUOTE=riverkc]I was diagnosed with severe anemia a few days ago. I went to my hematologist for a routine lab (I have ITP (low platelets) and other hyper-clotting blood disorders). I felt so weak - all I wanted to do was sleep. I took the trash out and was completely winded! Anyway, my red blood count is low and my hemoglobin is 8.1. I am 34 years old and female. He's started me on folic acid supplements and 30 mg of prednisone daily (I currently take pred for my other conditions).

I am freaking out because my mind is wandering about what could be causing this? They almost sent me in for a blood transfusion, but decided to try the prednisone first. Have I done something to cause this - not eating right, etc.? What is the quickest way to tackle anemia? Should I be taking iron supplements, and what is a safe amount of iron to take? Any experience or insight would be much appreciated.

Thank you for reading my post.[/QUOTE]
The prednisone by itself can cause the anemia in some people. However, the usual causes in females is through menstrual cycle blood loss, recent childbirth or extended postpartum bleeding. If the problem is from lack of folic acid, then the problem will resolve after about 6 weeks with total counts improving in 4 months. Follow your doctor's advise and if you don't trust it, then get a second opinion. Iron supplements are valuable for treating iron deficiency anemia, but may cover up a problem if there is a metabolic system problem occuring. A hematologist would have to diagnose underlying chronic conditions that are not addressed by routine diet.

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