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Jan 7, 2005
My ob/gyn referred me to a hematologist when my platelets rose from 500 to 550 and had an iron level of 27, as well as starting me on iron and baby aspirin. I saw the hematologist this month, and my platelets had decreased to 415, but my hemaglobin had dropped to 5.4. I'm exhausted, itching, sneezing, short of breath, sleeping 12-16 hours a day, and my body aches. He asked why I was on baby aspirin and told me to stop taking it. Then he said my blood had nothing to do with a lowered immune system or my other symptoms. He tripled my iron and sent me home to follow up in 2 months. I understand iron deficient anemia can cause high platelets, but are there other tests/advice he could have given me?
Re: Frustrated
Feb 6, 2005
Anemia is generally determined by the level of Hemoglobin (Hgl) in your blood. Normal levels for women are between 11 and 15. Everyone's "normal" is different. If the anemia is caused by a simple iron deficiency (the most common type) your doctor will prescribe iron supplements. This form of anemia is generally caused by blood loss occurring somewhere in the body faster than you can replace it or by an inablilty to absorb enough iron from your diet to adequately replenish your blood supply. (Iron is one of the "ingredients" your body uses to make blood and specifically hemoglobin-the oxygen carrying componant of your blood) A high level of platelets often accompanies iron deficiency anemia. This is rarely an issue of concern unless the levels become really high.
What's important is discovering why you're snemic and fixing that. If your Hgl is only 5 I'm puzzled as to why your dr would not be expressing more concern. At that level you must be completely exhausted! Read up on blood level scores and what they mean. There are many sites on the web. If you are not satisfied with the health care you are receiving by all means seek out other caretakers!

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