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[QUOTE=ahuseman]Im feeling short of breath, extremely weak (If I lift my arm it gets tired, If I walk up stairs Im out of breath and weak), my hands are always cold and sweaty, my body feels cold, I'm constantly dizzy/lightheaded, I'm breathing fast, and my heart is palpitating/pounding even when I'm not anxious. This has been going on [U]constantly[/U] for the last 2-3 months. I had bloodwork done and after that the the doctor looked at the results and said I had "low vitamins" and he gave me "FOLTX" tablets (Folic acid, B6, B12) but I havent taken them yet. Does this sound like anemia? If yes, what should I do?[/QUOTE]
Well, the doctor definitely thinks that the B-complex is what you are short on. So go with what your doctor has prescribed, it will not hurt you and if it does not address the problem, you will need to go back and inform the doctor so other measures can be taken. My guess is that the doctor is leery about prescribing any iron as yet,. That is a dangerous thing to do if the iron is not needed as it will store in major organs and cause problems. Good luck

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