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[QUOTE=Danielle895]I'm a 17 year old female and I wanted to know if my blood count at 6% (normal is 20%) is at a level to which I should take precautions. I go to school 7 hrs a dayX5 days a week, and I was working 25 hours a week up untill last week. My feet, knees, wrist, arms, neck, and back throb all the time,
Can this explain my narcaleptic tendencies in the morning at school.

I took clasapam for around 8 months on and off, could this have triggeed anemia?[/QUOTE]
Generally, low oxygen saturation will cause the drowsiness. The doctor will have to diagnose the reason for the low saturation level. Some chemicals will cause anemia. But, in young females, most of the time, it is blood loss from menstrual periods and maybe a diet weak in iron. Iron can be supplied through red meat, eggs, some root vegetables such as beets and potatos. Spinach has iron, but is hard to utilize because the calcium in the spinach blocks the iron. Folic Acid which comes in vitamins is a good way to help you to utilize iron from your diet so that you are not forced to take iron pills which can be unpleasant for some people.

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