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Hi I had bouts of anxiety and even panic attacks but that was about two years before I was actually diagnosed. It progressed to depression and temper. As each of my anemia symptoms showed up I was treated for the particular symptom the doctor didnt put it all together. It was actually me myself that figured out what was wrong with me from research about malabortion. I had alot of diariah and thought that I might not be getting all my nutrients. I feel I went nearly four years with varying symptoms and when I finally got tested my b12 was not on the scale. <74 was what it said.
I have pernicious and hemolytic anemia along with thalassemia hemoglobin H disease, and I suffer from Anxiety/panic attacks...Especially with physical exertion...

I have problems especially at night with sleeping...Panic attacks come and go!

I've suffered from panic disorder for years! I've been on medication for it for years but it's not really helping. The last few months have been the worst I've ever been.
I went to see the doctor and he just put it all down to anxiety and hyperventilating and didn't seem interested in what I had to say.
So I saw another doctor who decided to do some blood tests.
The test results came back a few days ago and I've been diagnosed with B12 and folic acid deficiency.
I just thought the panic attacks were caused by a psychological disorder that I'd have to live with for the rest of my life but it wasn't until I started reading up about B12 anemia that I realised it's probably all due to the anemia.
I haven't started the B12 injections yet because the doctors want to do more blood tests first.
i'm hoping that once I start having the injections it will clear up all the symptoms associated with the anemia and hopefully the panic attacks will settle down.

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