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[QUOTE=zoes life]A B12 test will say "B12." Your doctor may be referring to MCV which is routinely done with a CBC. This tests measures the size of your red blood cells, and is often elevated in the presence of B12 and folic acid deficiencies. If you have a mixed deficiency anemia (such as iron and B12) the MCV may be normal (iron deficiency tends to make RBC's smaller). If I were you, I would insist on a B12 test and not accept the use of MCV only. Both B12 and iron deficiencies can often be caused by h. pylori. Good luck with finding out what is going on.


Thanks for your answer, Zoe. Since I last posted, I saw my doctor for another matter. I brought up the B-12 issue and she looked in my chart and saw it had been over a year since I had been tested. (The nurse must have read the test wrong over the phone.) My B-12 was in the 200's so it was low normal even then. I started B-12 injections last week...once a week for a month and monthly thereafter. I hope this is the answer to the anxiety and heart palps. How long until I should notice a difference?
mmmnnnn interesting. Just before I devoloped anxiety/panic disorder my b12 was low, I was getting palpitations and buzzing and put that down to my low b12, but looking back it may have just been the start of my anxiety problems. I have trouble maintaining iron and b12 levels. Dont know if it is coincidence or not. B12 is required for the nervous system and anxiety is a disorder of the nervous system.

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