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[QUOTE=Susanbrennan80]I went in for in and out surgery on my gallbladder last Monday, Jan 31, after pre op blood tests I was admitted to the hospital for transfusions because my iron was so low. I got two units of blood and while they were being infused it was decided that I needed a colonoscopy because the Docs felt I was losing blood somewhere. An endoscopy the previous week proved to be fine, I had the colonoscopy on Tuesday, that was also fine, gallbladder surgery was scheduled for wed. more pre-op blood tests showed that I needed four bags of potassiam, IV. I finally had the surgery and they kept me another night, I was released Thusday evening. My Doc said my gallbladder was full of stones and covered with scar tissue. That pain is gone. I felt like I could fight my weight in wild cats. Today is the following Wed. I get out of bed in the morning and I can't wait to go back to bed at night, I am so tired. I am not taking my enbrel or methotrexate for my RA as yet, so I hurt every where else. The fatigue is driving me nuts, I'm 62 and I feel 162. Any thoughts?[/QUOTE]
You have been through surgery, the methotrexate side effects have long lasting effects on the blood counts, the transfusions are a quick fix but gets r****ly used by the body if there are no replacements happening on a daily basis because blood cell formation is a daily job of your bone marrow. As we age, this process slows even more. You also sound like you could have symptoms of myelodysplastic syndrome. How are your blood platelets at this time?

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