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Re: Anemic?
Feb 15, 2005
[QUOTE=everybodysfool1]Hi. latley i have been really tired and sleeping alot more then normal. I would go to school come home around 4 sleep until 6 eat dinner then go back to sleep around 7-7:30 and wake up at 6am for school. I also get dizzy often, and get frequent headaches. I told my friend whos mom is a nurse and she said that I could very possibly be anemic. So my mom went out and got me vitamins with iron in them and i have been taking them for about 2weeks and when i take them Im fine but if I go one day without out I go back to being really tired. I was wondering if you think this is anemia, and if it is what happens when you go to get your blood tested? do you have to get a physical or anything done?[/QUOTE]
Each doctor handles a check up some what differently. If it has been awhile since you have had a check up, the doctor usually does a head to toe exam, with specific exam pertaining to age and whether you are male or female. The standard check up is to listen to heart, check hearing and vision, palpate the abdomen checking for any pain you might have or for enlarged spleen or liver. If those tests are ok, the doctor might still have you get blood drawn to check for iron level, blood sugar levels and few other tests. Mostly the doctor will ask questions about how you are feeling and any specific symptoms you are having that would suggest a need for a test or special exam.

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