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[QUOTE=JR Tired]My blood tests show the following:
TIBC 387
UIBC 355
Iron, Serum 32
Iron Saturation 8
Ferritin, Serum 7
Hemoglobin 12.4
Hematocrit 36.2

I'm experiencing extreme tiredness, muscle weakness, and low energy. Do these blood test results account for these symptoms or should I be looking for something else? My internist doesn't think I need to add an additional iron supplement with my muli-vitamin. Need advice! Thanks.[/QUOTE]
At first glance the test just indicates that the storage iron is low. That simply means that if you don't get enough daily iron in your diet, that you have little to draw from in reserve. It does not say whether or not your body is utilizing the iron it does get to its proper degree. There are many things that cause fatigue, from not resting well when asleep, to common viruses, or not so common viruses. Some times fatigue is just the result of accumulation of stress over time. The best person to consult is the doctor in charge of your case if your fatigue is interfering in your daily life.

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