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I had the gastric by-pass in 1998, 6 1/2 years ago. I have the iron deficiency problem from time to time. My white cell count has been below normal now for several years and if I do not get the b-12 shot on a monthly basis, my iron levels really fall. The serum ferritin stays around 4, which of course is below the low normal range. I am not sure if this applies to you or not but you signed yourself senior mom. I had major problems with iron deficiency before I hit menopause, since that time the iron levels are hanging out at normal. Of course it does not take much stress and it seems that the fatigue is hard to fight. I am still not sure what other elements of nutrition are being compromised by this surgery, but I would not trade the way I feel overall for one single moment prior to the by-pass.
The only other thing I can suggest regarding the low numbers is for the hematologist to do a check of the spleen function to make sure it is not gobbling up your red blood cells before their time, or making sure that there is not some cardiac function/heart valve stuff happening. The first suspect is always occult bleeding, but it is not the only thing that causes anemia.

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