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[QUOTE=kaykee]My mother has had pernicious anemia for several years and has not been able to maintain a hemoglobin level above 9 despite taking B12 injections and oral iron supplements. As a result, her physician is now recommending intravenous iron treatments. I am not living in the same state as her, so have been unable to discuss these treatments with her physician. Her physician has told her that there can be several side effects of this type of treatment, but hasn't really told her what to expect. I would appreciate any information or insights that readers of this board can provide so we know what to expect.[/QUOTE]
I had intravenous iron treatments at 50 years of age. These are the side effects I experienced. At the time of the infusion, they did a short infusion and I began to have chest pain, shoulder pain in the left arm, chest and shoulder. They stopped the infusion, waited one hour and then started it again much more slowly. The infusion took 6 hours. My son drove me home, because I was feeling a little light headed and we had to drive on interstate traffic to get home, about an hour trip. The next 3 days I ran a fever of about 100-101 degrees F. or 38-39 C. I had some aching bones and just sluggish, flu-like symptoms, in about 5 days from the day of the infusion, I started to feel a little better. The doctor told me the aching bones was partly due to the increased production in red blood cells and partly because my blood veins were reacting to the iron itself. I also had a slight tan color to my normally white complexion, that had been way too pale from anemia. I broke out in little red bumps, that I learned later was petechiae from the iron infusion, it did not itch and was not uncomfortable. I still have some of the red freckle looking marks on the undersides of my arms and upper thighs. Most of the marks disappeared over the next 4 months. This was my experience. I am sure other people have had more or fewer symptoms than I.

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