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[QUOTE=momuv3roses]For over a year I have felt tired, cold, so fatigued my body would ache at the end of the day, I could not get out of bed...I am only 25 yrs. old. I started to feel l like it was in my head and I was being lazy. I am the mom of 3 small children. Last year, One doc did blood work and said I must have a sleep problem like apnea.

This doc did blood work and said I am anemic. Hemoglobin is 8 and RBC is 2.2 First question is that really low? I mean how bad before they treat that?

Well there best guess right now for the cause is that I had mono at some point and never recovered fully. Anyone else told that? Does that sound right?

I go back in another week to check my blood.

I started taking Vitamin B-12 pills (but they hurt my stomach) and sleep 10-11 hours at night I feel good once I finally get out bed for 2 hours and then I am fatigued all over again. I hate it I don't ever get to enjoy my dy and I am such a crab in the evening. I wait tables PT three 5 hour shifts a week and it wipes me out.

What other cause could the anemia be from that I am not asking about? The only other weird abnormality is that in the last 6 months I spot slightly about a week after my period stops.

I am seemingly otherwise healthy, my blood pressure is low/ but it has been that way my whole life.

Your three small children could be a clue. If you became anemic while pregnant each time and did not recover between pregnancies, you may just have exhausted your ability to make new blood cells. Also if you have had mono, you probably lost your appetite and then just the small children and the job alone could keep you too tired to catch up physically. If you can, get the doctor to find out specifically what is going on. The answers are there. Make sure that you try to add iron rich foods to your diet like red meat, spinach, and potatos that are baked with the skin on. Also add orange juice to your diet which will help your body use any b12 that you may be able to get.

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