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First off, your hemoglobin and red blood cell count are DEFINITELY low. Your doctor should have put you on iron supplements 3 times a day to start building up your counts. I have had problems with anemia for a couple of years now and I'm a 28 year old female - so I understand your frustration about this! The cause for my anemia was never really found but it's thought to be caused by a GI bleed somewhere since I've tested positive several times for blood in my stool. I don't understand why your doc said this could be related to having mono? I just had mono this past fall and it didn't affect my anemia - it only affected my white blood cells and liver functions. That really doesn't make any sense and I'd ask your doc to clarify that one.

Generally at the level of anemia you have most docs would look into the cause - i.e. do you have heavy monthly cycles, any GI problems, etc. Again, the mono theory doesn't make sense at all so I'd pursue this further if I were you. The lowest my hemoglobin got was 7.4 and it sucked!! I had absolutely no energy and I was just finishing up grad school and working at the same time - it was exhausting. My doc finally referred me to a hematalogist who gives me IV iron infusions to raise my levels when they get too low. That's been SO helpful and I've got most of my energy back! Good luck!

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