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I'm not saying give up the shots, but you can use sublingual B12 and get and keep your B12 stores up that way. However, if I had the choice in types, I'd use methylcobalamin and/or Dibencozide (adenosylcobalamin) in daily doses of at least 1000 mcg and skip the cyanocobalamin (which is usually what's in the shots, unless it's hydroxocobalamin). The cyano-b12 and the hydroxo- has to first be converted into the 2 co-enzymes of B12 (methyl- and adenosyl-) for the body to utilize it. Some (few) people have trouble with the conversion.....and many more have trouble keeping their stores of B12 up high enough to keep from declining before needing another shot. Therefore, daily supplementation can keep you from having this decline!!!!. If your doctor tells you sublinguals don't work, he isn't up-to-date. If I were you, I'd take them as added insurance and see how much better you feel (they need to be at least 1000 mcg--and not timed-release--for it to be of much use orally).

I was totally exhausted and having major breathing issues and 6 months later, using only sublinguals, I'm back to "only tired" and breathing is MUCH better. My blood level was okay, so I went undiagnosed for took a methylmalonic acid test to show my B12 def. I also am deficient in the whole B-complex, so I take them all.

As for the heart.....are you taking a good quality magnesium? Also, when repairing from B12 def., the body draws heavily on potassium and iron. Maybe you should have an electrolyte test done to check on your potassium (because it's needed for heart health too). As for Mg, serum tests don't really mean anything. I used to have heart palps all the time, but after adding Mg (Mg glycinate is what I take), I don't have them near as often. I used to have leg cramps at night, but after adding potassium, don't have those anymore either.

Good luck.

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