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Re: New Results
Mar 15, 2005
[QUOTE=Tewfiddy]Hi, I have posted before and thought I would just update my results. Please feel free to provide any feedback!
In early December, I tested Hemoglobin 10.6 and ferratin 5. I then began 324 Iron sulfate twice daily. On March 10, my Gasterenologist said my results were hemoglobin 11.8 and ferratin 8. At first I thought that was good, but then he said it should still be much higher so he increased my iron to 3x daily. At the end of the month I am having a colonoscopy and a endoscopy (throat and stomach???) done and have my duodeum biopsied to see if it is able to absorb iron. If everything checks out after that, I may have to see a blood specialist.. The only thing I can think of is that I guess I do have heavy periods, but they come ever 35-40 days. Is that often enough to cause the anemia? I am a big diet coke drinker, ibuprofen taker, and I take an proton pump inhibitor (protonix). Does anyone have any opinions or information for me that might help? Thanks![/QUOTE]
The heavy periods, with the ibuprofen will do you in every time on low iron levels. But it is a good thing to have the colonoscopy to make sure that there are no ulcers bleeding anywhere. The proton pump inhibitor will only work in the esophageal, stomach area, wheras the Ibuprofen could be carving holes in your upper or lower colon.

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