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I am scheduled for a blood transfusion/infusion on Tuesday. My hemoglobin is 6 and my hct is 20. My anemia is caused by heavy menstrual bleeding, my last cycle being the worst that apparently "sent me over the edge". Been mildly anemic for years, usually controlled w/ iron supplementation.
I guess my question is...At what point is a transfusion warranted? I have read a transfusion should only be used as a last resort, is a transfusion/infusion necessary with a hemoglobin of 6? I am apprehensive to have this done, has anyone been through it and can tell me what to expect during the procedure? And will I immediately feel much better?
Thank you in advance.
I had a blood transusion a few years ago due to anemia due to heavy periods & being allergic to Iron, My hb was 7.8 I think, I had no problems with it at all, I was just greatful to start to feel beeter fairly soon, And greatful that someone had given the time to donate the three units that I had.
My anemia got slightly better when I had a special type of IUD coil put in to stop my periods, It was called a marina coil (not sure on spelling), It took a couple of months to settle down, And eventually my periods stopped compleatly, and my hb count went up to nearly 10!!!!
But I'd say go for your transfusion, The blood is very well checked before you have it, ANd it will make you feel so much better.
Good Luck.

From Nes!

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