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I have had numerous problems with my son, he always seems ill, weak, pale. In his blood tests over the past two years there are few things that have always been consistent:
UREA - always high
LDH- always high
Uric Acid & GGTP always low
CRP AND ESR - sometimes high

In addition to this he has a constant low grade fever, swollen lymph nodes in neck (for over a year), his chest and stomach, enlarged spleen, and rashes.

I have been told since he was 6 months old that he has iron deficiency anemia. They put him on oral iron, and have even tripled it. His Hb responds and gets better, but then falls while he is still on iron. He is now almost 3 years old and the doc's talk to me like I am an idiot. Like I don't give him the iron he requires. I have been very persistant and regular about his iron. His ped. doc told me that he doesn't think it is anemia of iron definciency but of a chronic illness.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a Rheumy doc who looked at my son's bloodwork from 3 months of age and said that it can't be anemia of iron def. as he always has a high UREA. He redid his bloodwork and this is what the results were
WBC 8.3
RBC 5.1
HGB 102
HCT 0.32
MCV 62
MCH 20
MCHC 320
RDW 21.2
Lymphocytes 2.99 (which is also always low in his bloodwork)
Urea 8.4
LDH 234
URic Acid 161
Ferritin 11
Iron 2
Saturation 0.02

Does anyone have any idea's?? His Ferritin is within normal limits as is his MCHC, even though they are low they are still normal and usually are. This is a kid that has been on iron straight since last november 2x daily, and off/on since he was 6 months old.

I would appreciate any insight!

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