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It sounds as if the 8 and 16 are referring to the Ferritin. This number reflects the storage of iron and is usually the "gold standard" test for iron deficiency. Do not confuse low or "deficient" iron levels with anemia. One can be very low in iron and not anemic. However, very low iron levels over time can lead to anemia. Iron Deficiency Anemia is one of the most common forms of anemia especially in menstruating women. It is usually very easy to correct with simple iron supplements. The fact that your Ferritin level has already risen by 8 points is a very good indication of your ability to respond to the supplements. Althouth 16 is still considered "low" is it not classified as "deficient." Once your Ferritin level falls below 10 it reflects a lack of adequate storage to contribute to replenishing your blood supply on a regular basis and can lead to anemia. I would guess you are no longer anemic? Check your Hgl score. This should be 12-15 for women although 11 is considered normal for some. Hope this helps.

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