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I'm sort of in the same place - recently diagnosed with anemia, started taking supplements which haven't kicked in as of yet. [B]And hate the symptoms[/B]!

I frequently feel short of breath and anxiety throughout the day I guess due to lack of enough oxygen in the blood stream. I dont believe in popping pills since they all have side effects and have been looking for alternatives. What have been working for me are [B]working out (running and weight circuit)[/B] and [B]breathing exercises[/B] once I do either of these two, Im good for few hours. Also listening to music has been helping to calm my anxiety.

For running, I just go around the block, not pushing myself too hard this restores my deeper breathing. Same goes for weight circuit. The goal is to get the breathing to be fuller and slower increasing oxygen in the blood stream.

I have been frequently waking up after 4-5 hours of sleep, in the middle of the night. At that point I do 10 minutes of breathing exercise and go back to sleep with my body propped up using pillows. The simplest breathing exercise is to sit in one place, breathe out, then breathe in for 3-5 seconds and breathe-out for the same time (3-5 seconds). Repeat this sequence of equal time breathing in and breathing out for 10 minutes.

More complex is to breathe-in, hold for equal time and then breathe out harder to do but more effective. Initially try ratio of (breathe-in) : (breath-hold) : (breathe-out) as 1:1:1. Then work up to 1:2:2 to eventual 1:4:2. Luckily Im used to this and it is really coming out handy. This process again adds oxygen to the system, calms down the mind and helps with the symptoms.

I would love to hear from others as to whats working for them. Also if anyone tries these what the results were. I would be glad to elaborate on breathing excerices if anyone is interested. Thanks.

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