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[QUOTE=opalfruit]I was told by my doctor about 8 weeks ago that I was anemic - I had a ferritin level of 8 and a haemoglobin level of 13. I have been taking ferrous gluconate since then and my new blood test results are ferritin 20 and haemoglobin 14.2. I always thought that your haemoglobin levels had to be down for you to be anemic - can anyone explain this to me. Thanks[/QUOTE]
The measurements for blood work have relative ranges. The ranges vary according to sea level. At sea level 13 is not bad at all but in the mountains, it is not high enough for you to get enough oxygen to your blood and will cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms. The number you gave for ferritin is below the ranges that are standard. Ferritin is storage iron and you need it to be above 8 in order to maintain your hemoglobin if the diet is not rich in iron that is available on a daily basis. If a person has health condition in which they can not eat foods rich in iron, or do not utilize iron readily from their diets. This can present a problem. Some diseases that might prevent iron utilization would be intestinal ulcers or stomach ulcers. There are other diseases too.

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