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[QUOTE=storms_refuge]Hello, I am a 31 year old female who is trying to pinpoint the cause of some symptoms I've been having. I have a lymph node in the neck and one in the upper chest area, that will be biopsied soon to rule out lymphoma. During the bloodwork that I have been having, in evaluating my condition, I have came across some things I'd like to understand better. For at least a year now, my MCV count has been low. In my most recent bloodwork (02/2005), the MCV was low but my reb blood count was good. I am worried about hemolytic anemia, because from what I gather, that sort of anemia can indicate lymphoma. So my question is, can you have hemolytic anemia if the red blood count was good? Or would a low MCV with good red count, indicate iron deficeint anemia rather than the hemolytic type that can be associated with chronic diseases?
I have requested a blood workup, from my dr. to measure ferritin, TIBC, iron, and % of saturation. Have I asked for the right things, or am I overlooking anything that should also be tested, in searching out the cause of the MCV count being low?
My lab values are as follows:
RBC = 4.63 Ref. Range=3.8-5.2
Hemoglobin= 12.1 Ref. range=11.7-15.7
Hematocrit= 35.4 Ref. Range= 35.0-47.0
MCV= 76.5 Ref. Range= 80-100
MCH= 26.0 Ref. Range= 26-34
MCHC= 34 Ref. Range= 31-37%
RBC dist. width= 13.7 Ref. Range= 11-14.5

I also noticed that a liver enzyme called SGOT was slightly low and my potassium level was as low as it can be and be in the "normal" range.

Any replies or thoughts are appreciated.
MCV stands for Mean Corpuscle Volume. By itself this means very little for or against your health. As you know, lymphoma can exist with very good blood counts as it does not really interfere with the blood making duties of your body. If you have lymphoma, it would not effect your blood counts unless you were bleeding from the effects of tumor bleeding etc, If your potassium is still is in the reference range, it is not a problem. However, the potassium rises or falls in relation to other electrolytes such as sodium and calcium. Again the liver enzymes being low does not indicate anything wrong. It is when the enzymes are high that it may be a tip off that the liver or kidney function is not good. All in All your blood work is very good and does not indicate illness which is why it is good that you are having a biopsy.

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