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I got my blood labs back from the doc today, but it wasn't without a hitch. I just found out today that, the iron level as well as te TIBC should have been done after fasting for 12 hours. My dr. didn't mention this, and the tests were done on me, with no fasting at all. From my understanding, the ferritin level was okay to be done without fasting though. My dr. said she will reorder the iron level, iron saturation, and TIBC test with a 12 hour fast before it.
My dr. continues to tell me you cannnot be anemic if the hematocrit and hemaglobin are relatively okay- no matter how low the iron, iron sat. , MCV, MCH, or etc. are. Is that true? I thought that low MCV would always be called microcytic anemia? Does the low MCV's and MCH's in themselves mean anemia?
Here are my blood results
MCV = 75.9 / Ref. = 80.0-100.0 Low
MCH = 24.9 / Ref. = 27.0-33.0 Low
HGB = 11.9 / Ref. = 12.0-15.6 Slightly Low
MCHC = 32.8 / Ref. = 32.0-36.0
HCT = 36.2 / Ref. = 35.0-46.0
Ferritin = 7 / Ref. = 5-148
Platelet = 403 / Ref. = 130-400 High
Nuet/Segs = 76.0 / Ref. = 40-75 High
* Note, even without fasting, my iron saturation was only 8%. Normal range of 15-50%, and my total iron was bordering low at 35 with range of 35-150. I expect these numbers to come back a little lower when I get it done correctly, with fasting.
The platelets have jumped up from 354 to 403, in a week and a half, and the Segs/Neut's have risen from 51.7 to 76.0 in the same timeframe.

The nurse in the ER today, was literally crying with me, as I explained to her, how sick I feel and how long it has been going on. They did a chest x-ray and it came back normal. They had no answers for me either. I had gone in, after getting the blood tests back, and just feeling miserable. I was hoping to get some answers, I instead just have more questions and still feel terrible. I have a splitting headache and my heart is racing yet again .....any help with understanding if I seem to be anemic or not, would be appreciated.

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