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Re: Mild anemia
May 15, 2005
I too was diagnosed with mild anemia a few months ago. I am 51 and perimenopausal. From what you wrote, you take pretty good care of yourself. I was informed of my anemia by a nurse practitioner in my doctor's office. I went through a few blood tests and they all showed that my hemoglobin was a little low. I also had the stool test to see if there was internal bleeding, and it was negative. The nurse practitioner wanted me to see a specialist (oncologist) about my anemia and I decided not to go. I made an appt. with my gynocologist for a pap test and asked if they would also run a test on my blood for anemia, which they did. The number came back exactly the same as the other lab's number and my gyno doctor said I am not anemic. You see both offices had a different range in which it was considered anemia. After that, I made an appt. to see my gp and asked him why the nurse practitioner was making such a big deal out of borderline anemia and he looked at my file and said he couldn't understand it himself, since my number has always been on the low side, which was normal for me and he wasn't concerned about it.

Something that really helps raise your lab number is iron supplements and B12 vitamins. After I started taking B12, my fingernails became pinker. I also put raisins in my cereal. Ask your doctor to monitor your anemia for 2 or 3 months, to see if your number could increase with supplements & diet.

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