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[QUOTE=storms_refuge]Hi all:

I saw the hematologist today and was diagnosed as having micro. anemia. My rdw is high and iron, iron sat., ferritin, and hgb is low with a high TIBC. He sdays that because the TIBC is high, it is suggestive of either iron deficiency or blood loss as opposed to AOCD. He is having me get a scope of the upper GI tract to r/o bleeding and putting me on an iron pill. I see him again in 5 weeks. He talked with me about the node. ( he is an oncological hemat.) and he says that while he doesnt not particularly suspect it being lymphoma, he also thinks it is reasonable to biopsy it because of its size and amount of time there. So hopefully, the surgeon will agree and I can get it over with. He says the biopsy should ve easy to do, as it is very superficial and located in the lower cervical neck region. he agrees that the lump in the chest is normal tissue and he feels the lump in neck is a node. He ran B vitamin panel and total throid and antibody workup and sent it out to lab today. Maybe at least my hair will grow back soon, with the iron pills. If the Gi tract is slowly leaking blood and causing the anemia, will the iron still help to raise it? Also if they find a bleeding ulcer or erosion that is leaking blood, what is the standard protocol for treating it?[/QUOTE]
If you are in the US, the standard protocol for treating bleeding ulcer is prescribing a prescription strength acid pump inhibitor such as Previd or Nexium. If a culture indicates H.Pylori they will some times prescribe an intravenous antibiotic. Standard instructions on gastric erosions are no alcohol, no smoking, and avoid aspirin or other over the counter medications that have aspirin-like compounds in them. They will tell you to not drink carbonated beverages or coffee. They will also tell you not to let your stomach get completely empty from food for long periods of times. Crackers will help absorb extra acid until the proton pump inhibitor starts to work.

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