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[QUOTE=NOTSONUTSO]I am comparing my lab results from Sept. 04 and more recently March 05, and am slightly CORNfused.

Sept. 04:
RBC - 4.18
HGB - 9.63
HCT - 31.06
MCV - 75.05

Mar. 05:
RBC - 4.56
HGB - 9.43
HCT - 32.07
MCV - 71.05 (Ferritin level still "undetectable")

I am puzzled as to why my hemoglobin has dropped a little but hematocrit has increased. (also red blood cell count). I have had several blood transfusions due to bleeding angiodysplasias and take iron tablets. If the iron is finally working (i.e., some levels have risen) then why is iron and ferritin still so low???? :confused: :rolleyes:

Thank you![/QUOTE]
You are basically getting the iron you need to function. But you are not getting enough to store any yet. It is sort of like you are living from paycheck to paycheck and in this case, your iron intake is the paycheck and you are paying your bills but have nothing left over to save, yet. Since you were having to catch up so to speak, you are not quite even yet. It will take another 6 months for your body to get out of emergency mode and start to store the iron assuming there are no leaks, or destructive diseases going on.

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