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I have been on the CF board, asthma board etc..., My 5 yr old cf test was normal, he has cronic sinus infection, which I think why his lymphs are swollen and it hurts to lift him under the arms. His last bloodwork showed mild anemia, but the bad part is I had to beg the pediatrician to look at his bloodwork, even after I'm telling him my child has been so tired for months, they kept saying "he's been sick, he's going to be tired". Finally when he barely could get off the couch by himself, I took him back to the doctor and begged him to look at his bloodwork and he was a jerk about it, he said "well, he's anemic" :rolleyes: why didn't they look at this when his cbc came back?
He has been on icar for a month and a half and he is running around and playing again. When I asked him what would have caused the sudden anemia?
he says"it's probably just his diet, don't wish your child sick". He is also complaing of his right knee hurting at different times like when he's climbing the ladder on his bunk bed, etc.. He said "WE ARE NOT GOING TO RECHECK HIS BLOODWORK FOR 3 MONTHS , BECAUSE THAT'S HOW LONG IT TAKES YOUR BODY TO REBUILD RED BLOOD CELLS" What if it is going lower, does that sound safe , or am I just being Neurotic? His monocytes were elevated and he showed the antibody to MONO which he would have had in the past.

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