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Hey Sharon,

Sorry to hear about this. WE have been going through some of the same things here. Our son now for 2+ yrs has been having severe nose bleeds and bruising. I feel bad in a way because I never really trusted my instinct as a mother. I told his docs about the bruising and nose bleeds and they all kept saying the same thing, use a humidifier and swab his nose with vaseline and use these nasal sprays. Well 2+ yrs later we are having severe nose bleeds 4-5 a week and it takes any where from 25-30 mintues to get them to stop. So I made another appointment and finally some one is doing something. But the thing that has really ticked me off being a nurse is looking at all his blood work for the past 3-4 months. His Mean Platelet Volume has been low every time, and his Platelets are also dropping more. His actual Platelets haven't shown up Low on the Lab scale, but they have dropped from 318 to to low 200's in a matter of 3 months, while the MPV is below normal and is showing consistantly low. We go back this week and I will bring this up, and if this doc doesn't do something I will seek another opinion. I hope you will also if this doc won't do mopre tests. Pls keep an eye on this. Lyn

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