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[COLOR=Indigo]Hi. About a year ago I went to the doctor because I had determined I should give up the fight against depression, anxiety & lethargy. I had finally decided to ask for medication such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. My appointment was with a nurse practitioner and she ran some blood work on me. It turned out I did not exactly have anemia but was very close to it. She put me on Ferrous Gluconate tablets and away I went. My iron levels returned to normal within about three months.

Then I started a new, highly stressful job. I only took my vitamins & supplements sporadically, if at all. After five months I quit the new job due to the fact that we bought a home and the commute would be to far and the job was to stressful to justify staying. Once I quite I plummeted. Iím seriously lethargic; I want to sleep all the time. I take a couple of naps a day and sleep over eight hours at night. We are moving in two weeks and I canít even bring myself to begin packing. I donít want to pay our bills or do any necessary chores that desperately need to be done. I feel very depressed but Iím not sure which comes first. Am I lethargic because Iím depressed or am I depressed because Iím lethargic? Not to mention anxiety and/or rapid heartbeat, which can sometimes be frightening.

Also, I have noticed slightly low blood pressure over the last five or so years. 155/74. (I started an almost meatless diet about five years ago too Ė not that the two of these are related but Iím sure the low iron is due to lack of red meat and Iím not crazy about raisins.)

The lethargy makes me feel so guilty. I have peopled who are depending on me and all I want to do is lock everyone out of my life and fall asleep.

Can stress cause your iron levels to drop?

I am going to have some blood work done ASAP Ė Iíll make the appointment right now. I will report back to let you know the outcome.

This bulletin board has been a great help to me because I had all but forgotten about the possibility of low iron or anemia. I was actually looking for a bulletin board on depression & anxiety when I saw the title Anemia!

Thanks for listening and if you have any advice please share.[/COLOR]

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