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Hi. I am having to have iron injections (1 a week for 10 weeks). Although my iron count is up from last time (12.6 instead of 10.9) the doctor said my blood cells were 'irritated'. The nurse said that he meant they were not healthy. I too have had to have these awful tests - they are not nice are they? I had them, because I had a high ESR level, which is a blood test they take to find if you have high levels of inflammation in your body. If its high, they will try and find out where in your digestive tract the inflammation is. I have inf. in my small intestine, and this is what was causing the anaemia. My doctor said that if the part of your small intestine that absorbs iron is inflammed, it will not do it effectively, no matter how much you intake. Hence the injections. I have managed to get my ESR down to 31 (from 104 - although its supposed to be lower than 14). Because its lower, my iron count has gone up, but obviously I'm still not in great health, I'm better than before, and on the right path (hopefully!). This may be totally different to your situation, but may offer you some insight(?).

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