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I am a female and I was diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia last week (hgb 9.4, hct 30.0) and was put on iron 2x/day. They suspect I might have an ulcer or something because I eat well and my periods are very light. I took the iron for about 4 days but it was bugging my stomach so I stopped, and I am going to be put on a prescription iron that is apparently more gentle. For the past week, though, I have had fairly persistent heart palpitations. Driving me nuts, but I don't feel dizzy or anything so I think it's not serious. Is this a common symptom? Any way to fix it besides time? Thanks for any help!

I had a long time problem with severe anemia. My ferritin count was also very low. I definitely had a great deal of palpitations with this. Although I have other heart problems (leaking valves) my cardiologist said that my palpitations were coming from my anemia. I finally was given an iron transfusion that brought all my counts back to normal and my palpitations went away.

Just so you know - I took 2 iron pills a day for 7 month before I had the transfusion and they did not help at all. I also had normal periods and had all the tests to check for bleeding - colonoscopy, upper GI, endoscopy - all came out okay. My counts have all been good since the IV iron.
I just received almost the same numbers as you did-my Hct is 31 and my Hgb is 9.2. My periods are only heavy once in awhile and they don't think that's what's cauing the anemia so they are talking about putting me through the big GI work-up-endoscopy,colonoscopy,etc. They have me taking iron 2x/day which I don't tolerate well(makes me have alot of GI symptoms). I'm hoping that they'll give me a prescripption iron that may have less side effects. As far as the palpitations go,yes,I definitely get them,especially if I exercise. My doctor says it can go along with the anemia. Good Luck!
Wow - it does sound like we're in the same boat. I was put on a prescription called Niferex - it's iron and Vitamin C. It is slightly less rough on my stomach, but I still have to eat a little something with it. The palps finally went away, so I think the massive irritation on my GI tract was causing the problem.
You mentioned exercise - any clue as to how long with iron supplements it will take to feel better when exercising? I discovered this whole anemia thing because I was having trouble breathing and losing stamina while running. I am anxious to get back to training but there's no point in doing so while my body is starved for oxygen!
I am 34 weeks pregnant and have been diagnosed with the same thing... was in and out of ER for heart palpitations and they have linked it to the anemia... so yes.. i guess that's common with iron-deficiency... Dr. said it's your heart working harder to pump the blood because it is so thinned out do to the lack of red blood cells.... Iron bothers my stomach too.. so i tried Slow Fe.. it's over the counter and i take it twice a day... hasn't bothered my stomach at all! so if the prescription you get doesn't help either try the slow fe.....
hope you feel better soon...
It is good to hear that others are experiencing similar things - I don't feel quite so nuts! I did try the slow Fe first, but that was what did me in. I think I have a pretty sensitive GI tract, which is probably why I got into this mess in the first place.
Just out of curiosity - does anyone else have a low WBC count? I noticed that mine is pretty low (3.2 - normal is 4.5-11) but my doc didn't say anything about it. I'm not sure if he missed it or if it's common with IDA.
I'm 14 weeks pregnant and have been a serious runner for 10 years. Anyway have been running 30 miles a week until last week when heart palpitations set in and scared me--my thought is that my ferritin is very low--again. I've had such low ferritin levels that they don't register and am amazed I've somehow come to live with this. I will get back trying to do another iron supplement on top of prenatal vitamin. Always cold, somewhat depressed, ridged nails--I just generally cope.
I also had anemia that had to be treated with iron infusions. I went through a bunch of tests for heart, lung function, RA and on and on. They even found I had hepatitis c in the process and I got treated for that (it was horrible!). In the end, I had some bleeding in my colon at the site of a previous surgery. After two and a half years of feeling like crap, my GI finally cauterized the bleeding area and my GP prescribed iron pills. In the mean time I made and appt. with a hematologist. I'm so glad I did! She said the iron pills would take way too long, if they worked at all, and gave me Infed. It worked. I finally feel like I'm getting back to normal. Now I just have to lose the weight I gained from being so inactive for so long.
I am so glad to find this thread...It seems we really all are in the same boat. I am really going to ask my Dr about the Iron with the IV. It seems that would help much faster than the pills. The pills are really harsh on your system. :p
How are all of you doing now? Curious to hear.

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