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If you're recovering from anorexia I'm not surprised you have anemia. You've probably been deprived of several blood-building nutrients for a long time. I can't say if it's iron deficiency or not, but it wouldn't surprise me.

If you are still having problems eating regular meals, I would suggest getting a juicer, and a juicer recipe book. A juicer takes out all the fiber and leaves only the liquid part of the vegetable/fruit. My favorite combo is: carrots (4-6), parsley (handful), spinach (handful), half an apple. You're getting all the nutrients of all those things in one little glass of juice, which is easy to gulp down and has very few calories. It should boost your energy and build your blood quickly, much faster than a hard, metallic-tasting little iron pill. Since you still need fiber in your diet, get it from fresh fruit, beans or grains. And don't shy away from red meat unless you really have to! Good organic lean beef may be the best thing for you right now!

Spinach and beetroot are two things that are good for blood building. Go easy on the beetroot, since it's hard to digest, and you will need to juice these all up RAW. Lots of green vegetables are good for blood. Since the juiced variety is very digestible, it shouldn't in any way interfere with your healing process. In fact, your body won't have to put out much energy to digest it. This is important right now, since you probably are feeling tired pretty often.

A lot of the time I just go down to the health food bar and ask them to juice me something. They'll put in whatever I ask (if they have it). I drink it right there and don't have to worry about cleaning my juicer. Then I usually feel 10 times better within an hour or two.

Anemia is serious, but please don't worry. It's usually treatable and sometimes it's a wake-up call to take better care of ourselves. That's how I'm looking at my condition, anyway.

P.S. You mentioned taking iron pills. I don't know why doctors suggest these!! I went to a nutritionist and she recommended a blood-building supplement that includes iron, vitamin C, folic acid and B-12. Apparently these four together are MUCH more effective than just the iron alone.

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